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The Myth

Thousands of years had passed since Azmattia, majestic and beautiful, fell to the deluge of barbarians from the North. Her fall marked the end of the First Age of the Lords, the Age of Air. Culture, beauty, bravery and splendor – everything that defined that Age, with one stroke, it was all gone.

The landscape has changed. This now is the post-Azmattic world and the Second Age of the Lords, the Age of Earth. The world is divided and its lines constantly shifting. New Kingdoms flourish on the ashes of Azmattia. Barbarians retreated across the ocean to form the Viking Realms and in their shadow, the wicked Biyack and its Dark Mystics.  Southern Kingdoms sprouted, too, where softer races dwell, and here culture and civilization is tall. There is a balance between the North and the South, though hints of war are clear. Soon, the balance may be over and a war may begin to mark the change and the end of the Second Age of the Lords.

That change, it is said, will be delivered by a man like no other: a man forged in fire whose name will be Vengeance and whose shadow will be Death. He will change the course of history and shake the foundations of the world, and he will usher in the Third Age of the Lords, the Age of Fire.  And this will mark the end of all goodness, and all will be lost. The world will be cleansed in Fire and it will start anew with the coming of the Fourth Age, the Age of Water.  The cycle will be completed and the world will be reborn.

The Age of Earth is violent, marked by hatred and death, and the man who defines it – the man who will destroy it – is as hard as the world he lives in. 

His name is Aezubah.

This is his story.


Set in the rich worlld, THE FOREST QUEEN tells a story of a young mercenary, Aezubah, who ventures into a forested realm inhabited by fierce tribes. Here he meets a woman, J’Nyah, who exploits her mysterious connection with the ancient Forest to rule the Forest folk. Drawn by her beauty and power, Aezubah joins forces with her to overpower a tyrant who intends to subdue the Forest and its people. After uniting the tribes, Aezubah and J’Nyah, wage an impossible war. They are aided by his skill with the sword and by the magic she possesses, a link between her and the ancient Forest..




                                                                             Available soon through White Bird Publications


"J’Nyah screamed in frustration when her blade merely skipped over the Surathian’s tight-knitted steel armor, leaving the soldier unharmed and free to deliver a blow. She brought her knee up and drove it hard into his gut, effectively spoiling the attack. The man groaned in pain and staggered back, giving the girl just enough time and space to wheel around, her broadsword sweeping an arc and clipping the side of his head."


City of Death

The Crimson General


Edge of the World

The End of All Goodness

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