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BROKEN WORLDS transcends genre boundaries and takes the reader on a wonderful journey into a lush magical world where humans and dragons live side by side. It is a world of colorful characters and settings, a multi-layered world where conflict is resolved by both magic and sword - a beautiful world made desolate by centuries of a tyrant's rule. This setting, however, serves merely as background for the true story: that of two brothers at odds who are catapulted into conflicting and contrasting roles that will repeatedly pit them against each other and test the strength of their ties.

Ultimately then, the story boils down to one question: how much can we endure and sacrifice for family? Will Dominic retain the memories of Jake teaching him how to ride a bike when they were little, how to fish for pike in the Grand River, how to climb trees and how to evade bullies - when he faces him with sword in hand, and a world and thousands of lives on the line?

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Book I, Rise of the Dragon Riders


The first book in the Broken Worlds series begins the story of two young brothers, Jake and Dominic Sinclair, whose already complicated relationship takes on new dimensions when they discover they are prophesized to overthrow a cruel god-tyrant in the parallel world of Antalea.



                                                       Available now through White Bird Publications


"Though he had never wielded a sword before, he managed to block the first blow and parry the second as he sidestepped the charging beast and watched it coast by and tumble to the ground. Dominic did not wait, suddenly filled with adrenaline which he mistook for courage, and he started after the falling creature, his blade going up and down, up and down again, as he hacked the life out of the goblin."

Book II, By the Rivers Dark

The second volume takes a darker turn and sees the power of both Jake and River grow  enough to challenge the Nameless god. In a world left in ruin following the battle with the Black Army, they face more difficult choices. They must stay the course, though it throws them onto a spiraling path of madness from which there might not be a return. They must face terrible sacrifice and betrayal as they become mere pawns in the Cursed's hands.


                                           Available starting October 2019 through Dark Oceans Publications

© 2019 by S.J.Rapala


"High above the flaming wasteland, black dragons circled the cavernous hollow and their evil ruby eyes penetrated every nook and every niche. Black wings beat steady against air thick with poison, the beasts' flight level as they soared over this nightmarish scenery, once in a while emitting great screeches and crows."

Book III, Lines Redrawn

The final book of the series sees the boys from the prophecy face off against the Nameless god in a bid to restore order to Antalea, a  once beautiful and flourishing realm. Aided by friends and dragons, the boys battle their own demons as they look forward in hope of repairing a friendship and brotherhood lost and betrayed. How strong is their bond, with the fate of the worlds on their shoulders?




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