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S.J. Rapala was born and raised in Tarnów, Poland, but spends his adult life in Cambridge, Canada. An education in Cultural Anthropology yielded a day job in Industrial Engineering. By night, he writes fantasy and science fiction. Life took him around the globe with stops of various lengths in a number of places. Travel opened his eyes to the complexities of the human condition and the wonderful similarities that we share across all continents, skin colors and religions.


Husband to a beautiful and supportive wife, father of two unruly and wonderful boys, he believes life is short and there is no point waiting around for second chances. He does his best writing at night while everyone else is asleep or pretending to be. His worlds are rich, his characters are flawed, but strong and they make their own destiny - and his penchant for grand, sweeping stories, will draw you in and leave you wanting more.

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