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Non nobis solum


In a distant future, on a far-away star, a group of mercenaries navigate a strange structure said to be the home of God. One of them carries a terrible secret and is keen on one thing alone: vengeance.

Curse of Cain

An Order of Priests from a distant future traverse alternate realities and various Plateaus in search of souls to save. But when they encounter a strange Native culture on an under-developed Earth, they discover a terrible secret and are faced with an impossible task. 

What happens when advanced technology is used for religious purposes? A multiverse of possibilities opens through time travel, and one such possibility leads a priest to encounter the Son of God.

Fahima's Tears

An immortal angel and a beautiful woman, star-crossed through centuries of time. A doomed angel whose destiny is to appear whenever humanity is at a cross-road and to alter history.

A tremendous discovery in Antarctica ice threatens to topple the established religious order, to usher in a new era and a new socio-political reality. In a world far removed from the crowded modern cities, where one is closer to God than anywhere else on Earth, one man's faith is put to the test.

Second Coming

A technological leap in AI development allows humanity to experience the second coming. But is the Earth ready for it? What happens when people are confronted with the possibility of Judgment Day becoming flesh?

Veterans burdened with guilt are marked by an angel to fight the holy war against the Dark Horde. They fight alone and their war is the only thing keeping our world intact. But at what cost?

The Lonely God

A great power is gifted to a man who learned a god's name. Their destinies become intertwined, but then the power the man wields turns against him. And the god and the man, though close and together, are kept apart forever.


They call it the upside-down river. But no one knows what's on the other side of it except for those whose lives become so hard that they choose to end them.

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