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January 5, 2020

Looking for something to do when the weather turns cold? Another short story available to read FOR FREE. Check out Soldiers of Light, The Architect's Technician,  Non nobis solum and Dreams of Babylon, all from my short story anthology Cathedral Prayers. Sci-fi and speculative fiction at its best. Once complete, the anthology will be available to download FOR FREE! Don't miss it, more stories to appear shortly.


October 11, 2019

Excited to announce  that By the Rivers Dark, the follow up to Rise of the Dragon Riders will be available FOR FREE on my website. Starting in October I will be posting the book chapter by chapter and once complete, it will be available to download in .pdf format. The adventure continues!



Book II By the Rivers Dark




RISE OF THE DRAGON RIDERS  is the first book in the Broken Worlds series which begins the story of two young brothers, Jake and Dominic Sinclair, whose already complicated relationship takes on new dimensions when they discover they are prophesized to overthrow a cruel god-tyrant in the parallel world of Antalea. Transported and separated through circumstance, each boy pledges allegiance to a different group of the tyrant's enemies, and in this new and magical world, each achieves great status in their respective setting. Jake becomes a leader and a scholar among the Dragon Riders, and Dominic a respected warrior and, eventually, a great general of the Dragon Slayers. Will they find each other and if so, will their already strained relationship have them even more at odds?




Set in a rich world, THE FOREST QUEEN tells a story of a young mercenary, Aezubah, who ventures into a forested realm inhabited by fierce tribes. Here he meets a woman, J’Nyah, who exploits her mysterious connection with the ancient Forest to rule the Forest folk. Drawn by her beauty and power, Aezubah joins forces with her to overpower a tyrant who intends to subdue the Forest and its people. After uniting the tribes, Aezubah and J’Nyah, wage an impossible war. They are aided by his skill with the sword and by the magic she possesses, a link between her and the ancient Forest..






Illustrations by Max Kuznetsov
Rise of the Dragons Riders
The Forest Queen
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